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Webster's Dictionary defines an "Accountant" as one who keeps, audits and inspects the financial records of individuals or business concerns and prepares financial and tax reports.

There was a time when this definition might have been sufficient.

At The Goodman Group, we believe an accountant must be much more than what this definition implies. As proven business advisors and mentors, we have structured our firm around the philosophy of Financial Advocacy, a responsibility that goes well beyond accountancy, right to the heart of your financial future. As Financial Advocates, it is our job to fight for your money, not just account for it. Our obligation to be dynamic, inquisitive and challenging, ultimately, helping you to best utilize your income. The end result- you, our client, will achieve your financial goals and an enhanced overall quality of life.

We are involved, proactive and fully committed. Our philosophy is different from most CPA firms. Our approach is different. Many of our services are different.

The Goodman Group provides the kind of service business owners and high net worth individuals have long searched for. It is dynamic and results oriented. It is a collaborative effort between you and your financial professional. It is a comprehensive plan that will allow you to chart the financial course you wish to take.

In today's volatile economic environment, a highly skilled accountant is no longer a luxury afforded by only the large companies but a necessity for all companies.

At The Goodman Group, our experts have an unmatched commitment to generating a return greater than your investment. We have the knowledge, resources, and training that will allow us to simplify your business and personal life.

We invite you to learn more about The Goodman Group.